Sunday, March 5, 2017

Restaurant & Catering Magazine - Tablet Tips

The March edition of Restaurant & Catering magazine asks five key questions to those considering tablet POS systems:

Five questions to ask when considering tablet POS systems:
Can you add more devices?
As your business grows or to cope with rush hour, being able to add tablets or pop out your smart phone and start ordering is a real advantage. But should you need to pay to add more devices? SplitAbility’s subscription model is simple. For $60/month, you can use as many devices as you like, download the app and you’re good to go!
Which platform?
Platform agnostic equals future proof. For example, payment terminals like CBA’s Albert require a native Android app. SplitAbility is certified to run on the Albert as well as iPad integrated payment terminals.

How easy are menu changes?
Agile venues change their offerings daily, so you’ll need to propagate entire menu changes to all devices effortlessly. SplitAbility allows you to edit your online menu/s (Google Drive Spreadsheet/s), then push it live to all tablets with a single click.
Can you use the data network?
Wi-fi signal levels vary as your venue fills. True cloud-based tablet systems seamlessly switch to the mobile data network if required, allowing recovery from wi-fi black spots.
What’s the track record?
Talk to businesses that use the system you’re considering, check review sites as past performance is a good indication of how well a tablet system works. With a 100 per cent uptime record over five years and now processing thousands of transactions per hour, SplitAbility POS is unmatched when it comes to reliability. SplitAbility uses Google Cloud Infrastructure with App Engine and Firebase providing its lightning fast operation and stability.
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