Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Bump Screens & Order Visibility

This post provides ideas on how to improve the speed of processing orders.

Single item "Touch to Serve" buttons for ready items on all overview screens.

Servers simply touch these buttons to change the state of an order item from "Ready" to "Served". So for single items it's one less touch to declutter screens.

Category and bulk state change buttons work as before i.e. Are accessed by selecting (click or touch) any order item.

Real-time Kitchen Display Systems (Smart KDS) offer advantages not seen before in the hospitality industry.


Reduction in service times is the big one but add in improved accuracy and more productive and the advantages stack up.

You can only get so far shuffling printed dockets around. Smart KDS screens display orders the instant each order is selected rather than waiting for the entire order, thus giving bock of house staff a heads up on what is coming through, check boxes appear only after the entire order is sent.

Reasons to go paperless are mounting. e.g. All cleared tickets are instantly accessible on the "Virtual Ticket Spike" from any screen, tablet or device.

Still think you should stick with printed dockets?

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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Casting KDS / Bump Screen Orders to a TV


Casting KDS / Bump Screen Orders to a Smart TV

I get a lots of questions about showing orders on a larger displays, as this allows staff to view orders and their status from a distance, therefore adding efficiency to any kitchen operation or café, barista etc.

As long as you're on the same wi-fi network you can cast from any device that supports Chromecast, typically Chrome or Edge browsers. It's one of the advantages of using SplitAbility POS (a true cloud system).

Setting up the Chromecast device is fairly simple, just plug it into the TV's HDMI port, power it up, install the Google Home app on your phone or tablet then follow the instructions to enable the Chromecast device. Presto! You can "Cast" from any device on the same wi-fi network.
From Chrome just hit the three vertical dots and there's the "Cast..." menu. If your using Edge, we hit the three dots (…) - "More Tools" - "Cast Media to Device" - Select the device. The TV itself here is not a touch screen but any other POS touch devices replicate on the large screen.

The demonstration video show how to set up and view KDS (Kitchen Display System) / Bump Screen Orders on a Smart TV using Google Chromecast. Ordering from an iPad, even though it's a entirely separate device the operation is synced as you can see orders are are displayed.

It demonstrates:
  • Setting up Google Chromecast
  • Casting from a laptop
  • Viewing orders and status on a Smart TV
  • Clearing orders
  • Placing orders from an iPad

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022



Cloud Enabled Printers - CloudPRNT

Located at Unit 13 14-18 Discovery Drive North Lakes.
Peemai Thai is expanding into their second site.

They have decided to use the latest tablets along with cloud native printers.

12.4" Android tablets for in venue tableside ordering.
Cloud enabled printers.

The advantages of using cloud native printers:

1. Work with all operating systems and hardware.
2. Recover from connection outages (no lost prints).
3. Poll continuously via the Internet.
4. Can connect to on-line ordering apps.
5. Have built-in security.

Legacy printers are tethered to hardware or operating systems through device drivers whereas cloud enabled printers are not.

Cloud enabled printers are able to accept messages from devices on a separate network. This is a difficult proposition for older printers. So sending a print from a device connected on the phone network can print on a LAN.

SplitAbility POS is adopting CloudPRNT technology that will eventually replace older protocols like WebPRNT or Epson intelligent printers.

This video looks at the lighter side.

The Starlight zone:
  • "No logic, no reason.."
  • "No explanation as to why restaurants do not implement the easy process of on-line ordering."
  • "We've collected the clue and found that ordering over the phone is simply a thing of the past ."

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Restaurant POS Set Up


POS Set Up

Notch Seafood Restaurant
Located 1a/14 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Heads QLD.

View from the register.

Installing a modern Point of Sale system.
Including a Kitchen Display System.

This video takes a quick walk through of where the Kitchen Display System (KDS) shall be mounted.

It demonstrates:
  • Restaurant & bar ordering
  • Table management
  • Integrated Payments

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Prawnster - Seafood Ordering System


The Prawnster

Located at Dockside Marina, 44 Ferry Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.

The Prawnster serves locally sourced seafood with a trawler experience.

Staff using smart phones to take order.

This video demonstrates our Kitchen Display System (KDS), Table Management and how staff use their smartphones to manage order flow and payments.

The video captures the usage of our POS system during a busy Sunday.

It demonstrates:
  • Restaurant & bar ordering
  • Table management
  • Kitchen ticket printing

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021


App Integrations

Our Doshii certification is now complete.

Doshii POS certification involves over 50 test cases

Certification gives a business confidence that our POS has ticked all the necessary boxes required to work with all apps available on the Doshii platform.

Venues have the ability to "Plug & Play" when selecting the right solutions for their business.

With lots of Apps available, including a wide range of capabilities and features. Selecting apps that offers the right features is easy with centralized menu management. 

The pilot phase is now open. Businesses wishing to take part are encouraged to jump onboard, as being an early adopter comes with some advantages. e.g. customization if required.

To find out more about the pilot: Contact us

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Restaurant POS System


Maximilian's Restaurant

The iconic Maximilian's Restaurant in the Adelaide Hills - South Australia.

Maximilian's has been using SplitAbility POS since 2014.

On a recent trip to South Australia, I managed to catch up with proprietor Andrew Friebe and his staff to put together this short clip on how they use our Point of Sale system.

The video captures the usage of our POS system during a busy Saturday.

It demonstrates:
  • Restaurant & bar ordering
  • Table management
  • Kitchen ticket printing

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