Saturday, September 23, 2017

Are Docket Rails Done?

Most certainly, docket rails are soon to become an artifact of the hospitality industry.

Just as cash registers have made way for touch screens and tablet based point of sale systems, paper tickets are being replaced with the KDS (Kitchen Display System) or bump screen.

Key benefits:

  • Improved speed and efficiency
  • Order tracking - who’s ordering, who’s waiting
  • How long they’ve been waiting
  • Distribute orders to particular stations
  • Lower cost - no printers, no paper, no ribbons
  • Easy order history retrieval

Although having been around for a while, up until recently kitchen display systems were beyond the reach of most smaller cafes and restaurants, due to the required on site hardware and expensive licensed software. Learn more system differences explained.

The delivery model is changing, meaning KDS can now be supplied at a fraction of the cost to the older installed systems.

Screens and tablets can now simply synchronize via the Internet.

So along with kitchen printers and paper tickets, order docket holders have had their time in the sun.

The shift is underway, early adopters are well into the take up phase of this technology. So if you're interested in avoiding the paper shuffle, to improve your order docket management, it's time to make the move to the virtual spike.

This video is getting a lot of interest, it shows how easy it is to make the transition away from paper based ordering processes.

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