Friday, July 20, 2018

Bump Screens & Order Visibility

The improvements in the speed of processing orders just keep coming!

This week sees the release of single item "Touch to Serve" buttons for ready items on all overview screens.

Touch to Serve Buttons

Servers simply touch these buttons to change the state of an order item from "Ready" to "Served". So for single items it's one less touch to declutter screens.

Category and bulk state change buttons work as before i.e. Are accessed by selecting (click or touch) any order item.

Real-time Kitchen Display Systems (Smart KDS) offer advantages not seen before in the hospitality industry.

Reduction in service times is the big one but add in improved accuracy and more productive and the advantages stack up.

You can only get so far shuffling printed dockets around. Smart KDS screens display orders the instant each order is selected rather than waiting for the entire order, thus giving bock of house staff a heads up on what is coming through, check boxes appear only after the entire order is sent.

Reasons to go paperless are mounting. e.g. All cleared tickets are instantly accessible on the "Virtual Ticket Spike" from any screen, tablet or device.

Still think you should stick with printed dockets?

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